Hege Marie Baraldsnes

Hege Marie Baraldsnes

Hege Marie Baraldsnes

Lead user interface designer with Funcom; Adobe Photoshop certified expert; published illustrator; website designer; and has earned degrees in graphic design and CAD/industrial drawing.


To explain my relationship with art, drawing, and computers, I need to dig a bit into my childhood.

I was a very lonely kid; we moved a lot and lived mostly on farms - miles away from other kids. I was bullied at school and never had any true friends, except my grandparents - and my pencils.

Kids have an amazing ability to adapt and create universes of their own. My pencils all had names. The cool colors were boys and the warm were girls, and they had different personalities as well. Pink was cute, red was troubled, yellow was mean, purple was wise etc. With a black marker, I drew lines that formed blocks of various shapes and sizes, and then paired them together.

Playing with my pencil-friends got me through many hard times. When I was 9 years old my grandparents gave me a new best friend; an old computer with a monochrome monitor and 5.25 inch disks.

Seventeen years and probably 100 computer upgrades later, my art and computer skills came together. I got a Wacom Intuos 3 for my birthday, and yet another strong friendship grew. In the meantime, I started my own design studio, attended many classes, and studied nearly everything that can be done on a computer.

When I wasn't working, drawing, or studying I played computer games. One of my favorite games was designed by the Norwegian company Funcom and I dreamt that maybe one day I would work for them and design games myself.

In the winter of 2009 I signed up for a class with Judith Campanaro (here on Drawspace), who re-introduced me to my old friends - colors. Freeform art opened my mind and heart and brought me back to who I really am. And, the past year has been absolutely magic.

Professional Experience

Today, Hege is an Adobe Photoshop certified expert with degrees in graphic design (color theory, composition, and branding and identity) and CAD/industrial drawing (including product and fashion design). She is also a published illustrator and a website designer.

As lead user interface designer with Funcom, Hege designs software applications that focus on user interaction. In addition, she does flash design and development; programming; character art and fashion illustration; photo manipulation; and graphic design.

During the ten years prior to accepting her current position with Funcom, Hege worked as a freelancer with diverse clients including Sony Ericsson, Diesel, Armani, Disney, Warner Bros, American Idol, So You Think You can Dance, Audi, Avon, Tokidoki, and Hello Kitty.

I'm passionate about online education and very excited about the Drawspace philosophy and certification programs."

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