DG301 Drawing from Line to Life

With Mike Sibley

8 weeks   No credits

If techniques are becoming second nature to you and you want to advance the scope of your art, this is the course for you. Most guideline drawings and images are already prepared for the exercises, which will speed up the drawing process and allow you concentrate on the content rather than the preparation.

Based on Mike Sibley's drawing bible "Drawing from Line to Life", this Advanced Course expands the content into subjects not fully explored, such as the science of shadows and composition. Following the familiar format of Mike’s other courses, it uses the natural progression of drawing techniques that Mike teaches in his UK and USA physical workshops.

In Week 8 you will need an image manipulation program capable of layering images, such as Photoshop, the much cheaper Photoshop Elements, Paint Shop Pro or the free GIMP. It will also assist you in other weeks too.

You will need to devote a minimum of six to eight hours per week, and more in the final week.

View the course outline (PDF)

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