Learn to draw in private interactive classrooms with professional guidance, and ongoing feedback on your assignments from internationally acclaimed art educators.

Drawing from Line to Life

With Mike Sibley

DG301 Advanced ~ 0 credits over 8 weeks

If techniques are becoming second nature to you and you want to advance the scope of your art, this is the course for you

Traditional Shading

With Mike Sibley

RS101 Beginner ~ 4 credits over 6 weeks

Learn to create the illusion of texture, form, and/or three-dimensional space

Learning from the Masters

DS105 Beginner ~ 1 credits over 4 weeks

The masters of the Renaissance are no longer living but many of their works survive and serve as extraordinary teachers of classical styles and techniques.

Enhancing Your Visual Intelligence

DT105 Beginner ~ 1 credits over 3 weeks

Both hemispheres of your brain work together with your vision to enable you to see as an artist.

Shading Different Textures

DS103 Beginner ~ 1 credits over 6 weeks

Learn several shading techniques to help you render textures.

Drawing with Perspective

DT104 Beginner ~ 1 credits over 5 weeks

Perspective is the very foundation on which your drawings either stand or fall.

Contouring Cartoons

DC101 Beginner ~ 1 credits over 5 weeks

Contour lines are the base on which all drawing styles and techniques are built.

Seeing Spaces, Shapes, and Lines

DT101 Beginner ~ 1 credits over 3 weeks

Advance your technical skills and learn to better observe the world around you.

Getting Started with Drawing

DG101 Beginner ~ 1 credits over 1096 weeks

Everything you need to know to start your drawing journey!

Drawing from Line to Life

With Mike Sibley

DG201 Intermediate ~ 0 credits over 8 weeks

Explore the art of storytelling to lift your drawings above the mundane. Study negative drawing, negative space, advanced shading, textures, lighting, and much more.

Drawing from Line to Life

With Mike Sibley

DG104 Beginner ~ 8 credits over 8 weeks

Join Mike's adventure and push your drawing abilities to a new level in a course designed for artists who already have basic drawing skills.

What is Expressionism?

With Judith Campanaro

MO105 Beginner ~ 3 credits over 5 weeks

Discover relationships between you and this personal form of art by exploring the lives, work, and visions of five great expressionist masters.

Introduction to Watercolor

With Judith Campanaro

PT107 Beginner ~ 5 credits over 5 weeks

A relaxing and enjoyable beginning to painting techniques and tools that help you explore the mysteries of watercolor.

Colored Pencil Stew

With Eileen Sorg

DT103 Beginner ~ 6 credits over 8 weeks

Learn the various techniques used to create richly detailed, works of art by combining pen and ink, watercolor, and colored pencil.

The Cubist Movement

With Judith Campanaro

MO104 Beginner ~ 3 credits over 4 weeks

Step into the minds of four masters of the Cubist movement and create art based on their innovative styles and techniques.

Working With Your Creative Muse

With Judith Campanaro

MO103 Beginner ~ 3 credits over 5 weeks

Empower your creative muse to stimulate your imagination and visual intelligence in a five-week course filled with enjoyable artistic activities.

Compose Original Art

With Tannis Trydal

PO103 Beginner ~ 8 credits over 7 weeks

Learn an easy-to-follow three-stage process to study the rules of composition as you create original artworks.

An Artful Adventure In Self Discovery

With Judith Campanaro

MO102 Beginner ~ 3 credits over 5 weeks

Enjoy exercises and activities to enhance your journey of self-discovery and to facilitate empowerment through creative expression.

Perspective and Proportion

With Tannis Trydal

DT102 Beginner ~ 7 credits over 7 weeks

Learn how to create the illusion of three-dimension space on a flat sheet of paper and how to render proportionally accurate subjects.

Portraiture Foundations

With Tannis Trydal

DF102 Beginner ~ 5 credits over 7 weeks

Use graphite to render studies of facial features and use charcoal to learn twelve charcoal techniques for creating realistic portraits.

Shading and Form

With Tannis Trydal

DS102 Beginner ~ 7 credits over 8 weeks

Learn the theory of light and shade as well as a traditional shading technique for creating realistic three-dimensional pencil drawings.

Painting and Mixing Colours

With Tannis Trydal

PO102 Beginner ~ 7 credits over 14 weeks

Learn how to mix various colors and control your paintbrush while painting abstract and realistic subjects with acrylic paints.