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Judith Campanaro

My mission statement is to facilitate empowerment through creative expression. I am a firm believer that art feeds the soul and empowers the psyche. As an artist and art educator I use the medium of art as an aid in helping students to find their own personal voice. Creating art is a means of watching yourself closely for self-defeating ways you respond to the world around you. Your artwork will speak to you louder than words. Pay attention to the colors you use, the shapes, the symbols and you will find a brand new alphabet that brings clarity and understanding to your personal issues and growth. A fourth grader once said "I love art because I can impress myself."

But creating art does more than building self confidence. It helps you get to know yourself and in the process to realize that it’s the journey that matters not the destination.

I was born and raised in California.  At an early age, I recognized art as my life path.  From 1976-1986, I owned and operated The Hobbit School of Art in Ventura, California, where I taught both children and adults.  I previously taught for VSA Arts of Nevada and Ottawa University in Phoenix, Arizona.  I hold a BA in Psychology, an MA in Professional Counseling and a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies in Art Therapy. 

In addition to teaching, I have had many solo shows both in the United States and the Caribbean.  My paintings are also included in numerous public and private collections.

Paintings by Judith Campanaro

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