PO102 Painting and Mixing Colours

With Tannis Trydal

14 weeks   Open 7

This exciting seven week beginners course is loaded with professional techniques that quickly immerse you into painting with acrylic paints. You are shown how to mix a huge array of colours, using just three primary colours plus black and white. There are six traditional brush strokes to learn through a series of enjoyable, step-by-step projects. You will be shown how to paint several objects using a smooth, hard-edge style, as well as traditional realism.

This unit requires a minimum of two to six hours of study per week.

View the course outline (PDF)


On completion of this course you will receive a grade for your final project piece. The grade is awarded based upon the your ability to fulfil the grading criteria set out at the beginning of the course.

Certificate of Completion

This course is the second of six units that form a complete course in the fundamental principles of art for the beginner.

Every student who completes all six courses will be awarded a Certificate Of Completion. The Certificate will contain Cindy Wider's original signature along with your instructors signature and will be sent by post to students anywhere in the world free of charge.

The Certificate Of Completion will be accompanied by a list of the subjects studied by the student with the grade achieved for each area of study included alongside.

None at this time. Check back soon!