Tannis Trydal

Tannis Trydal

Tannis Trydal

Award winning artist and enthusiastic art educator with a wealth of knowledge and experience to share.

Tannis Trydal

Specializing in teaching absolute beginners learn to draw and paint, Tannis is naturally gifted to encourage, motivate and nurture her students through this very personal journey. Tannis has played an integral role in helping many people to change their lives through art. She has successfully helped many people from all walks of life learn to draw and paint who previously believed they were not able to.

Tannis regularly exhibits and sells her artworks and has been invited to participate in travelling exhibitions as well as curated gallery exhibitions.

Tannis Trydal

She was awarded first prize at the Beaverlodge Juried Art Show in 2011. Tannis has also been commissioned on several occasions and is a dedicated professional artist.

As a fully Certified Instructor, Tannis has successfully taught the Complete Drawing and Painting Certificate Course to many fortunate people from all walks of life around the world. This course was founded by artist and author Cindy Wider; also the author of the popular soft cover book Paint In Your Pyjamas.

As an exceptionally high-achieving and naturally gifted student, Tannis was personally invited and trained by Cindy Wider over a two year period to become fully certified to teach this course. Since then Tannis has helped many people learn to draw and paint who thought they were not talented.

Tannis Trydal
The Complete Drawing and Painting Certificate Course comprises of 42 weeks of study, presented over six separate units. Each unit of study covers a major area of the traditional fundamental principles of art.

Through refining the four major comparison skills, weekly drawing or painting exercises provide students with the opportunity to develop important brain pathways that are necessary for drawing and painting a realistic likeness to the subject. This unique art course is fully comprehensive and encompasses most of the popular methods and techniques that are needed to be able to eventually create original artworks.

The Complete Drawing and Painting Certificate Course is uniquely designed to help you progress from a pre-beginner into an independent artist. You will be taken on a series of baby steps giving you the best possible chance of success. This course is progressive and congruent, so that you can experience rapid growth along the way. Tannis will be there to tell you the things you have successfully achieved in your exercises each week and exactly where and how to improve your skills for the best possible chance of success!

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I am very pleased with the course and am glad that I participated. It gives me a nice outline to practice my skills, and the course structure and the deadlines enforce discipline, which I like. The words of encouragement along the way are also very helpful and keep me motivated.

I liked the exercises for the grid method, because that method is something I was struggling with in the past. A friend taught it to me many years ago, but I never got my images as close to the copied picture as he did. But now I'm much better already. ;)

My intention is to get my drawing skills up to a professional level, and I think this course is a good start to get me there.


My experiences with my instructor, Tannis Trydal, have been outstanding! She has anticipated my artistic needs even before I have expressed them to her. My confidence level has been growing by leaps and bounds. It feels as if the Draw and Paint in Your Pyjamas course was written specifically for me and all my artistic needs. My best friend tells me that I have been so much happier.

Susan Calhoun – USA

Tannis Trydal has been my tutor and guide through the "Complete Drawing and Painting Certificate Course". I have known Tannis for several years and worked with her though the "Artists North" painting group in Grande Prairie Alberta Canada. Tannis introduced me to this course and I was able to complete it with her guidance. Tannis is most knowledgeable and helpful as she herself is an accomplished artist.

The "Complete Drawing and Painting Certificate Course" is an on-line course which Tannis offered to our Grande Prairie club. Tannis' help and encouragement was always just a computer away. Any email submitted was responded to within thirty-six hours. Her advice "Try and fail....then try again" proved to be what I needed to hear to encourage me to carry on. Sometimes with unlimited patience and understanding she pulled me through the low stages of my growth in the art world. Tannis' tutoring skills are reflected in her deep caring attitude and love of people and art. The "Complete Drawing and Painting Certificate Course" proved to be a fantastic journey with her as my guide.

Respectfully submitted,
Pauline Freed

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