DG111 Complete Drawing and Painting

With Tannis Trydal

50 weeks   Contours 12   Technical 24   Open 18   Shading 20   Figures 6

Drawing and painting can be learned just like we learn to read, write, play an instrument or to speak a different language. You don't have to be born 'talented' to be able to learn to draw, paint and express yourself through art. So long as you have the desire to do so, the ability to read these course notes and can hold a pencil to write your name then you can learn to draw and paint. The 'Complete Drawing and Painting Certificate Course' is especially designed to provide you with all the skills needed to learn to draw and paint realistically in a short period of time.

In this 42 week course you are presented with a combination of traditional art techniques, methods and procedures used by many professional artists throughout the ages, combined with contemporary information on the four major comparison skills which we are all born with. The information is introduced in small logical steps which (when put into correct practice) leads to the whole skill of being able to draw and paint.

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